New Website Launched!

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This month we are celebrating 19 years of service & along with that the launch of our new website!

We have had 6 website redesigns over the years. And every new site has been our favorite. We’re always striving to improve our site to communicate more clearly and be more user-friendly.

So, what’s changed?

This time we have refocused our site to present ALL our services equally and clearly.

We started our business as an executive search firm and primarily advertised this service. However, from the beginning, we have also engaged clients in consulting, coaching, and other services. And would only barely mention these other services in previous websites.

We felt our previous sites were not clear on communicating exactly what we do. So, we went for a minimal design, avoiding too many words and with an assumption that we have one sentence to keep a visitor on the page. I thought, “What is the first thing someone would want to know on this page?” and “What message do we want to make absolutely clear to the visitor here?” And built the site from that perspective.

What is to come?

We have been preparing to launch some new services and products we have been developing over the years. In order to fulfill the vision we have of what McKinney can give back to the world, requires a new site and platform. We’re looking forward to sharing more blog posts, updates, and other resources and tools we have been cooking up!

Thanks for stopping by, stay safe!

Posted on July 22, 2020
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