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Korea’s Natural Resource - People

By Steve McKinney

President, McKinney Consulting Inc. 

Korea’s economic development, often described as the miracle on the Han River, was no miracle. It was a direct result of the effective and efficient leveraging of the only natural resource Korea has always had in abundance: the will of its people.

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Korean Culture: "In" and "Out"

by Dr. Horace H. Underwood
Professor Emeritus, Yonsei University

Two of the most common first impressions that foreigners have of Koreans are that they are incredibly polite and that they are incredibly rude.

In fact, the courtesy and kindness of Koreans is legendary and attested to by thousands of people who are fortunate enough to have a Korean friend. Overwhelming meals, unexpected gifts, constant and almost embarrassing attention to your personal whims: all of this and more have been yours if you have been invited out. This is not a modern invention; traditionally, one of the names of Korea was the "Eastern Land of Courtesy." The obligations of a host are paramount; the obligation of the guest is to lap it up.

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Honesty vs. Loyalty: Which is More Important?

By Dr. Horace H. Underwood
Professor Emeritus, Yonsei University

In Korea as in the West, honesty and loyalty are both virtues. In the West, in general, honesty is the higher virtue. In a Confucian society like Korea, loyalty is the higher virtue. Who is to choose? The difference is deeply rooted in Korean culture and has deep implications for Korean society and for those working with Koreans.

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One Mistake Country Managers Should Avoid To Be Successful

By Steven B. McKinney

How To Lead Change Effectively in 4 Steps

Leading a multinational organization in South Korea or any country outside your home country poses unique obstacles. But, you are not alone as many expat country managers share the same challenges. To be successful on a foreign assignment leaders should avoid making these three mistakes, Resisting Change, Not Communicating Effectively, and Not Understanding Cross-cultural Differences.

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Job Security How Do I Get It?

By Steven B. McKinney, President

How To Manage Your Career in 8 Steps

Job security everyone wants, but few do anything about achieving it. Perhaps it is because the first step is the hardest step. Following a pattern or proven strategy can be helpful in getting that first movement towards an objective. Start here and discover the eight steps that will help you manage your career and gain the job security that you desire. 

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