Case Study: Expand and Compete


Our client was a leader in the open source software application market. Their server was the first-ever to conform to Internationalization standards to help simplify development of applications that require multiple language support - a critical requirement for software distributed globally. Their server also supports the Large File Support (LFS) standard for working with applications that manage or handle up to four terabytes of data - a common requirement for infrastructures serving Fortune 500 and larger companies. To launch their company in Korea, they wanted to identify a team of bilingual Koreans for various key positions.


In Korea, their mission was to translate, market, and sell their software products in the Korean market. They were expanding their business in Korea to compete with the local competition composed of the Korea-based suppliers of other competing software products.


We worked closely with the branch president of the Korean operations to identify the specifications of the ideal team that he needed to accomplish his mission of expanding into Korea.

McKinney assembled a project team and developed a search strategy tailored to the software industry, position requirements, time frame and company goals. Using vital information from our clients experience in their industry and our expertise in the industry and search and recruitment of senior level professionals, McKinney attracted and helped our client acquire the local talent he desired.


The talent needed was hired and quickly became successful. Within a short span of two years they were able to penetrate the Korean market. Their success was so remarkable they caught the attention of Samsung. Samsung then did a joint venture with this company. The success of the leader and the talent that we helped him to hire was significant in achieving these results.