Case Study: Helping a Merger and Acquisition

Industrial Industry / American  Industrial Engineering Company

New Sales Director Implements New Corporate Culture

Our client’s parts and components solve their customers’ most challenging engineering problems. Their components are at work everywhere in products, making pens write, air fresh, surgical procedures safe, and hundreds of other outcomes possible. They decided to expand their global footprint by doing a merger and acquisition of a Korean manufacturing company. One of the first positions that they needed to hire was a new Sales Director.


Any time a foreign company does an M/A with a local Korean company there are challenges in changing from old ways to the new ways of the purchasing company. This new hire of Sales Director had to have extensive experience working in multinational companies in Korea, yet be sensitive to the local Korean company. He had to also be multidimensional as the portfolio of existing clients and new clients would be from many different industries. In addition, he also needed to be able to take on the added responsibility of being a bridge between the current company and the new one in helping both parties understand the difference in USA business culture and Korean business culture. The actual location was also a challenge in that the main office was located closer to Seoul while the actual manufacturing plant was 2 hours driving distance away.


We worked closely with the Global Vice President of Human Resources in the USA and the local Country Manager of the Korean manufacturer in locating the best person for this critical role at this sensitive time in their relationship. This was also a challenge for the USA Global Vice president of Human Resources as she had worked on projects within China and Europe but not Korea. We also coached our client on conducting business effectively in Korea.

McKinney assembled a project team and developed a search strategy tailored to the Industrial Engineering industry, position requirements, time frame and company goals. Using vital information from our clients experience in their industry and our expertise in the industry and search and recruitment of senior level professionals, McKinney attracted and helped our client acquire the local talent he desired.


The hired gentleman has done a great job and the client has been very happy with our work. This client since this hiring gave us 6 more hires over the span of a year and a half as they transformed this company from a purely Korean company to a truly multinational company.